Play On!


 College Audition Time

I can still picture her at age four playing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” from her first Suzuki Violin book.  Her teacher could not convince her to stand up straight! She’s come so far by playing in famous venues such as; Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Symphony Space and many more. Tonight she is preparing her professional pre-screen audition video for college.  She’s got a new bow in hand and a bright outlook for the future.  

Break-a-leg… you got this!

♥, The Melody Mom 

Carry On!

With every concert, there is a new moment to shine! Our family is very busy lately with musical performances almost every night of the week!  We’re tired from all of the late nights traveling in the frigid weather.  However,  I wouldn’t trade this wonderful, musical life for a calmer life.  I embrace my children’s greatness and success through music.  #carryon!


The Melody Mom