Music Practice during a Holiday Vacation

Please enjoy the following article from the Wall Street Journal written by Corinne Ramey No Vacation From Practicing for Young Musicians Tips for keeping children engaged in music and playing their instruments over the summer break

Our family will continue to practice music on the Thanksgiving vacation from school.  Vacation is a time for family, fun AND music!  Ms. Ramey says, “Being involved with other kids is one of the best ways to encourage kids to practice anytime,” she says. “Positive peer pressure kicks in, which is not a bad thing.”  It’s helpful to find friends that share your musical values.  You can also encourage friends to practice on the holiday, which may seem like a new and good idea to them!  While the article is predominantly about music practice during summer vacation, I feel you can use this to help encourage children to practice during any vacation, short or long!


A Musical Child is a Happy Child


A musical child is a happy child!  In the following article you can read about “The Top 17 Ways Learning a Musical Instrument Gives You The Edge”.  I started studying music at age 4 and can tell you it certainly sharpened my concentration, increased my responsibility, taught me to be a better listener, improved my coordination, reduced my stress levels and put me on a path of perseverance!

Please feel free to comment on the article.  Have a musical day!

Big Day Tomorrow

LaGuardia audition tomorrow!  The decision to commute to a high school to pursue excellence and greatness is VERY tough.  Our family is lucky enough to live in the greatest city in the world.  It truly is a city that never sleeps!  However, the choice to travel one and a half hours to attend such a magnificent program takes maturity, discipline and the desire to work incredibly hard.  It is not easy, but worth it! #hopeshegetsin #followinginherbigsister’sfootsteps #musicisawesome #onstagewiththenewyorkpopsincarnegiehall #themelodymom

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