How to Support Musical Success (when you are not a musician)

Mother and Child Music

Many parents feel that they cannot help with their children’s music practice since they are not musicians themselves, however they can and this is how!

Ask your music teacher if you can attend the lessons to learn alongside your child.

Have your music teacher keep a special notebook that provides feedback as well as the homework for the week.

Spend time at home researching the composer of your child’s piece.  Learn about the history, life of the composer and relevance of the time period.

Make sure practice happens every day and that the practice aligns with the assignment in the notebook.  The focus should be where the work is most needed.  Break down the piece into small sections and learn little by little each day.  Take breaks when needed.

Find local events to expose your child to live music performances.  This will show them that there is a larger world out there.  They will build off this experience and feel they are part of the larger musical community.

All these ideas help you help your child to be successful.  Music is amazing and you can help make it a wonderful, life-long love.




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