Why Music Is Good For Children


In today’s technology flooded world parents are constantly worried that children are spending far too much time on their phones, tablets and computers and not enough time socializing with friends and families face to face.  It is a worrisome issue and the concern is valid!  Music is a wonderful, fully engaging activity where children can turn off their devices and turn on ability to touch their instrument, engage many parts of their brain, collaborate with other musicians and create beautiful, emotional music.  It is a win-win situation!  The other day I worked with a young piano player who, when faced with an exercise where one hand on the piano played long connecting tones and the other hand simultaneously played short staccato tones she quickly remarked “I can’t do this!”.  I encouraged her to continue to try, focus on the hand that gave her the most trouble and trust that the other hand could do “it’s job”.  After about one minute each hand was able to complete the conflicting patterns and she smiled as if she won an award!  I remarked how lucky she was to master an exercise  that engaged so many areas of her brain and how lucky she is to be able to have that experience at such a young age.  According to the great composer Malcolm Arnold, “Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is.”

The Melody Mom


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