Why I Chose To Be A Band Kid


Music is a gift many parents provide for their children, whether they had lessons as a child or not!  There is no doubt that music has positive effects for children and most people know this whether or not they read about all the scientific studies to prove it is true.  I started taking piano lessons at age four and like all children enjoyed playing new and exciting pieces.  However, my passion for the clarinet started in the 4th grade.  There was something different about the instrument and I loved it for various reasons.  The first day of band class at P.S. 60 I received band music for clarinet.  That evening I put my instrument together and played through the entire book!  Needless to say, the band teacher was very impressed.  I really enjoyed playing with a large group of instruments and following the conductor.  As a freshman high school I took a seating test and quickly moved to the first clarinet section way ahead of all the sophomore, junior and senior clarinet players.  I went off to college to study music and elementary education.  I have fond memories of band concerts, pep band performances at sporting events and preparing for my senior recital.  Now, as a mom I gush over my children’s love and success through music and still get a thrill of continuing to play as well.  Whenever I teach, or play music on clarinet or piano I feel that the world is good and all will be okay.  It is a wonderful life!

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