Lessons begin with the introduction of the whole note,which leads to learning the half,quarter,eighth and sixteenth notes.  Rhythm is a system that is complex and spiritual which reaches the student’s soul. Once a student can feel the rhythm in music they are able to explore the dynamics which leads to musical expression. This will produce a strong connection and a greater love of music. 

The Melody Mom


My Life


This summer I had a wonderful opportunity to join with other musicians and music teachers to perform in many parks around the Island and Brooklyn in a large ensemble.  It inspired me to work harder at perfecting my clarinet skills.  I set a great example for my children and enjoyed every minute of it.

Please encourage regular practice at home so you can continue to foster a love of music, a better musical experience and self discipline for your children.  Who knows, perhaps you will start to practice as well!

The Melody Mom


Practice is Power


In order to achieve success effort, time and energy must be invested in music practice.  The dedication should be encouraged by parents so young musicians can reap all the benefits music can bring to their lives.  It’s the best investment that will bring about positive change in any child’s life.  It is an incredible gift a parent can give their child.

The Melody Mom