Nothing compares to the uplifting,happy feeling of attending my children’s concerts.  

The Melody Mom ❤


Pre-show in the Pit

What does it take? It takes dedication, tenacity, passion, drive and care which leads to incredible motivation. Last night’s performance of Les Mis at LaGuardia High School was awe inspiring. The effort and talent is mind boggling. I am especially proud of my daughter’s hard work and achievements. Her talents are special gifts and she is learning to use them well. 

With love and pride,

The Melody Mom ❤

Carnegie Hall Bound!


As my 4th daughter prepares for her performance tonight at Carnegie Hall with the her Band I am beaming with pride and joy!  As her teacher I can reflect that her hard work, practice and determination landed her in the 2nd chair of the Intermediate Band as one of the youngest members by many years.  This is one of the best moments of our lives and I hope she will reflect on today and always look back with pride and joy.

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The Melody Mom

How To Raise A Band Kid


It’s pretty easy to raise a band kid.  Make sure their instrument is in good working condition so they are not frustrated during practice.  I always make sure the clarinet has an ample supply of quality reeds and that the instrument is cleaned thoroughly with a swab so the pads won’t dry out.
It is helpful to constantly expose your child to live music whenever possible.  Make an attempt to play quality music at home often.  Have your child join extra band programs that are available in your area.   Also, don’t forget that regular, daily practice helps to make music fun, fun, fun!

♡ The Melody Mom