Making Memories

4th of July was a wonderful opportunity to bond with my daughter in the park playing live music and making memories to last a lifetime. 

πŸ’š The Melody Mom 

Independent Practice

This summer I created a rate-your-own practice log.  The data from this log will help children to see the value of their own effort which will increase motivation for practicing their instrument. 

Enjoy the success!

πŸ’œ The Melody Mom


Today my girls are at our local college competing at a special strings competition.  In fact, they are actually competing against each other! However, the two girls are not at each other’s throats, they are helping to support one another. It is gratifying to see how this event turned out to be a bonding experience from which they may learn and grow.  Most importantly, they will grow closer as siblings and create more memories that will last a lifetime. 

❀ The Melody Mom 

Sister Act

Having goals, setting examples, working hard, passion, tenacity, mindfulness, goodness, fortitude, strength…This is only a part of what it takes to be successful in music.  Siblings can motivate each other to climb to the highest peaks of musical success. 

The beauty of music never ceases. I am humble and proud to say they are mine…

The Melody Mom ❀