True Love

The family that plays together stays together! Playing music is therapeutic and proven to reduce stress and promote self-expression.

You can benefit from playing music. At any level the success will make you smile.

❤, The Melody Mom


Inspiration From Friends

I’ve taken extreme measures to ensure that this summer my family will have an ample supply of probiotics and vitamins.  My friends inspired me to make my own yogurt and plant vegetables in my backyard.  My husband and I visited our local garden supply store where we purchased planters, organic soil and carefully selected vegetable plants.  My countertop contains a glass jar filed with milk and yogurt cultures for smoothies, as well as a yogurt machine for our daily breakfast that includes fresh fruit, tea and coffee.  This summer my family will continue to grow strong with healthy foods,  music practice and, of course, exercise.

♡ The Melody Mom


My garden includes string beans, squash, cucumbers, peppers and basil.


Countertop yogurt


Euro Cuisine Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker