The Beauty of Hard Work

Our summer was spent playing music, tennis,  painting bedrooms,  organizing and having great family experiences.  It was a season of family and fun.  

The Melody Mom

S.I. Philharmonic at Fort Wadsworth

Our awesome conductor is right behind me! He made the concert a really fun way to get together to perform some very challenging pieces. 

I am lucky to continue playing with this amazing group of talented musicians. 

The Melody Mom

Melody in the Mountains

I enjoyed a quick escape with my husband to beautiful Bolton Landing, New York at the glorious Sagamore Resort.  The property was well manicured and the service was incredible. We had two outstanding waiters Ness and Jerome. Now,  we are planning how to take our family there soon to see the majestic mountains at Lake George.   I highly recommend this resort that has the most breathtaking views.  It was a life-changing experience! 


The Melody Mom